The Fall of New Brooklyn.

This is an ongoing project.

The Fall of New Brooklyn is a novel I’ve been writing off and on for awhile. I’ll be sharing what I’ve already written (and hopefully get caught up with new chapters by the time I’ve shared what I have). This is still a first draft. As I share new chapters, I’ll be updating as I complete them. You’ll get to read and follow along as The Fall of New Brooklyn is written.

Once complete, I will work on revisions. I’ve already taken notes for future revisions, but that is not the focus at this time. Right now, I’m working towards a complete first draft. Enjoy the journey!

It’s a modern fantasy- magic exists in the modern world, alongside traditional technology.

Magic is powered by the soul, and an enemy (long thought extinct) has returned, remnants of magic users who had used too much power and paid with their soul.