About me.


Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jacob Kolasch. I currently work as a proposal writer for a custom fabrication company, and this is my creative outlet.

In my poetry, I try to capture the awkwardness of living. During my MFA, I wrote a poem called “The Corporeal Ghost,” and the anthology it lived in dealt with the awkwardness of hauntings (literal and figurative): the central concept was the idea of ghost that had a physical body, yet the other characteristics of being ghost. That is, invisible and unheard. Yet unable to pass through walls or other ghostly tropes.

In my fiction, I tend toward character driven science fiction and fantasy. Although, I often blur the lines between literary, science fiction, and fantasy. I seem to do well with short stories (haven’t been able to finish a book yet), but I’m also working on several longer form pieces.

This is where I’ll share what I’m currently working on, what I’ve written in the past, thoughts on writing, and (sometimes) maybe even just thoughts on life or whatever takes my fancy.

As I work to get back into some sort of rhythm, I will be posting at least once a week. I’m returning after having not written or maintained a blog for around two years now. I’ve been feeling the itch to write, and unless I just start writing again, I never will.

So feel free to take a look around, let me know what you think, or just read.

—Jacob Kolasch

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