Posting Schedule – Update

This week, I’ll be slowing down on posting The Fall of New Brooklyn and shifting towards a more typical schedule, with a new chapter posted once a week.

The Fall of New Brooklyn will be posting Friday mornings. Rise, Rise will be posting Saturday mornings. As of yet, I have not worked any further on The One Hundred Fears of Brandon Jacobus. I’ll keep you updated as more develops.

Currently, I’ll be posting a poem every morning, Monday through Thursday. Sundays will be a bit of a wild card. However, this Sunday I’ll be sharing a short story that takes a takes a look at a typical day of a Negative Space Adjuster. Wondering what that is? Check back on Sunday morning to read “Negative Space Department” to find out.

Thanks for taking the time to browse my website and read some of my work. I appreciate it!


Thoughts? Comments? Let me know...

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