Posting Schedule

This week will be a busy one. I have new chapter of The Fall of New Brooklyn scheduled every morning through Friday. I also have a poem scheduled every morning through Friday. A first preview of The One Hundred Fears of Brandon Jacobus is scheduled for Monday evening (it will likely be some time before more of this is posted). The first chapter of Rise, Rise has been scheduled to post on Tuesday evening.

After this week, things will settle into a rhythm. I plan to post from each project on a specific day (which day has yet to be determined, but I will keep you informed). I will also have certain days for posting poetry.

For this first week, it’s my intention to get “caught back up,” so to speak. I have a fair amount of The Fall of New Brooklyn written, which is why so much is getting posted this week. However, I will begin to slow down (one chapter a week) as I get closer to what I haven’t finished writing yet. Rise, Rise will likely be posted on a more accelerated schedule, as the first draft is complete.

Thanks for checking out my website and reading my work! I enjoy writing, and it’s far more enjoyable when I can share it. As I get a posting schedule more firm, I’ll be sure to post an update outlining what it ends up being.


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