It doesn’t matter if you believe in god
when the vivid pinks of dawn bloom.
I don’t wonder who painted roses
in the sky. I just love them.

I don’t pretend the world is bright.
When the rain comes,
everything is opaque and the world becomes
a ghost shifting uncomfortably.

The mountain trees blend into each other
over and over, until the green becomes blurred.
To see those layers, and discern
the subtle hues between them—

that is the true gift of living.
The world is transparent, and everyone
lives on top of each other,
like the near invisible layers

of watercolor paint.


7 responses to “Watercolor”

  1. Cool line: “I don’t wonder who painted roses / in the sky.”

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the comment and you taking the time to read through my site.

      1. You’re welcome! Hope to read more in the future!

  2. Watercolor is my favorite artistic medium, and you paint very well with your words. I like the idea of discerning the layers between things; you can revisit beauty many times and see new layers and meanings with each journey.

    1. Yeah, the transparaceny possible in watercolor has always been really cool to me.

  3. Love how your real world description is described with watercolor concepts. They are both one and the s as me!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed the poem. I appreciate you taking a look!

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